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Republic of Mozambique is a country in South East Africa. The Portuguese greatly impacted the cuisine of Mozambique.  Staples and crops such as cassava (a starchy root of Brazilian origin), cashew nuts (also of Brazilian origin, though Mozambique was once the largest produces of these nuts) and paozinho (pronounced [pew zinu], those are Portuguese-style French buns) were brought in by the Protuguese. The use of spices and seasonings such as onions, bay leaves, garlic, fresh coriander, paprika, chili peppers, red sweet peppers and wine were introduced by the Portuguese, as were sugarcane, maize, millet, rice, sorghum (a type of grass) and potatoes.  Prego (steak roll), rissois (battered shrimp), espetadad (kebab), pudim (puddding) and the popular inteiro com piripiti (whole chicken in piri-piri sause) are all Portuguese dishes commonly eaten in present-day Mozambique.  Our person at Mozambique- Jessy Sevi George has may choices but here she has listed her one favourite – Sagres

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SAGRES Restaurant is a sea food restaurant situated in Av de Marginal, the marine drive of Maputo. It has been there since 1999, catering to mixed nationalities, with a seating capacity of 120 people inside and 120 people outside overviewing the beautiful sea and the blue sky.I prefer this restaurant due to its ambience, good service, charming view and the most of all, tasty food. I sense an emotional attachment to this restaurant as I had many meals here with my family. We always had a pleasant feeling after having food here.

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The restaurant is closed on Mondays but on  other days and weekends it is  full . The bearers are enthusiastic and keen to accommodate you, organising special tables on the sides. They serve good wines and delicious sea food. If you pay a visit to Mozambique, have a meal in Sagres before you fly back from Maputo and enjoy any of the dishes of fish, prawns, crab or lobsters, the specialties of Mozambique. Their sea food platter is to die for. Sagres offers wide variety of finger licking desserts as well. The restaurant is just about 3.5km from the international airport in the main city.

Tel. 21 495 201.

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About Jessi Sevi George

Jessi Sevi George
Jessi Sevi George has been one of I4a's well wishers. A school teacher by profession, she and her husband Sevi have been in Mozambique for very many years and are well known in the expat circles.

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