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Tunisian Republic is the northernmost country in Africa .The cuisine of Tunisia is a blend of Mediterranean and desert dwellers’ culinary traditions. Its distinctive spicy fieriness comes from neighboring Mediterranean countries and the many civilizations which have ruled the land now known as Tunisia: Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Turkish, French, and the native Berber people. Many of the cooking styles and utensils began to take shape when the ancient tribes were nomads. Nomadic people were limited in their cooking implements by what pots and pans they could carry with them. A tagine, for example, is actually the name for a pot with a conical lid, although today the same word is applied to what is cooked in it. Like all countries in the Mediterranean basin, Tunisia offers a “sun cuisine,” based mainly on olive oil, spices, tomatoes, seafood and meat (primarily lamb).Some of the must visit places of Tunisia are given below but we have also mentioned a gem that should be tried  for its location, cuisine and ambience.

Authentic Tunisian cuisine-

Dar el Jeld.

Ranked first by Trip Advisor amongst 109 restaurants in Tunis, it has received the certificate of Excellence 2014. Great for romantic, business, local cuisine, special occasion dining and entertaining clients

5 Dar El Jeld street, Tunis, Tunisia

Phone : (216) 71 560 916 |

French-La Salle Manger

Ranked 5, this too has received the certificate of excellence 2014. A tad bit expensive as per reviews but food is worth it.

3 Rue Imam Sahnoun | Tunis Belvedere | Tunis Belveder    Ph+216 71 793 283

 Indian-Calcutta Restaurant

Reviewed as the best Indian restaurant in Tunisia with excellent service, authentic Indian food and friendly helpful staff. Calcutta is a restaurant at the Golden Tulip hotel, Tunis

Golden Tulip Carthage Tunis | Avenue De La Promenade, BP 606, 2078 La Marsa  Ph+216 71 913000

TamTam Sidi Bou Said

Marina Sidi Bou Said

The gem that we must visit is a restaurant called Tam Tam- tucked in the small blue and white village of Sidi Bou Said in northern Tunisia located about 20 km from the capital, Tunis. The town itself is a tourist attraction and is known for its extensive use of blue and white in its architecture. It can Café de Nattes Sidi Bou Said                                                                                Photo Porte Sidi Bou Said

be reached by a TGM train, which runs from Tunis to La Marsa. Sidi Bou Said has a reputation as a town of artists. Artists who have lived in or visited Sidi Bou Said include Paul Klee, Gustave-Henri Jossot, August Macke, Saro Lo Turco and Louis Moillet. French philosopher Michel Foucault lived there for a number of years while teaching at the University of Tunis.

A native Tunisian suggested the restaurant, Tam Tam to us. We were looking for a place that served authentic Tunisian cuisine along with global cuisine in an international but quaint ambience..  The name Tam Tam comes from the musical instrument, a gong, which is used to gain attention of the masses.  The idea behind naming the restaurant was to catch the attention of the locals as well as the consummate global traveller. Tam Tam has been in business for the last 15 years.



‘Trip Advisor’ rates Tam Tam  1st amongst 35 restaurants at Sidi Bou Said.  The owners Walid and Mariam make it a point to use fresh ingredients in their cooking including locally derived olive oil! Freshness is Tam Tam’s USP.  You can look forward to a wonderful array of salads that are very popular besides other continental and Tunisian dishes.And the food is such that it meets the expectations of the global traveller. The service quality level is of European standards with a friendly atmosphere inside. Lights and music are handled with care to create a great ambience for all the guests.

Walid and Mariam are a widely travelled couple who make it a point to introduce new dishes that they come across during their travels.  And because of their penchant for detail and their global menu, they receive many well known dignitaries and celebrities who appreciate the discreet atmosphere coupled with great ambience and good food.

Hence if in Tunisia do visit Tam Tam Sidi Bou Said.

7, Avenue du 14 Janvier, Sidi Bou Said  – Tunisia. Ph+21671 72 85 35




1 vote, 4.00 avg. rating (80% score)

About Walid and Myriam

Walid and Myriam
Myriam is a lawyer with a passion for food, new tastes and travels. Walid is a businessman involved in the shipping industry and founded Tam Tam in 1998 as he wanted to create a restaurant and treat guests in a manner that he himself would like to be treated when dinning at a restaurant. Walid first met Myriam at Tam Tam. He was, at that time, the fresh owner, trying his best, at 30 years of age, to make the place trendy and successful. Together they were instrumental in making Tam Tam what it is today.

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