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Nigeria has one of the fastest growing middle class population. Lagos is the most populous  and the second fastest growing city in Africa. With a population of more than 20 million, this city sure has multi racial inhabitants and thus offers eating joints for every community and palate. In one of the recently held food festivals, there were 32 counters belonging to various nationalities. This factor has given rise to good retaurants fo mulit cuisines to suite different taste buds.


With a considerable Indian population it is fairly obvious that Lagos has a number of restaurants to satisfy Indian taste buds.

Indigo Restaurant is popular with non Indian population as its menu has been designed to suit their palate with less emphasis on spices and more on the flavours.

Spice Bar has a unique appeal with its menu serving Indian and ‘Indian Chinese’- a fusion food which combines Chinese dishes with a touch of Indian spices.

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Spice Bar- A yummy spread.

Sheraton Indian restaurant is an Indian restaurant for a ‘value for money’ feel with a satisfaction of a good Indian meal.

Viceroy offers beautiful ambience for a family day out with their vast spread for buffet lunch.

Spice Route primarily serves north Indian or ghlai cuisine and has a warm ambience.


With Chinese cuisine gaining immense popularity everywhere in the world, Lagos is no exception and has a fair amount of Chinese restaurants. Some of the more popular ones are as follows.

Soho Chinese restaurant is situated in the Intercontinental Hotel. It offers its patrons an exceptional ambience and delectable menu and is extremely popular with Chinese and non Chinese population.

Pearl Garden Chinese restaurant is one of the pioneers of Chinese cuisine in Lagos and is frequented by all nationalities.

Jade Palace offers a fine Chinese dining experience and is considered to be at the high end.


With a strong Lebanese and middle
 eastern population in Lagos, the 
presence of restaurants to satisfy  this palate is apparent. Al Basha, Double
Zero, Carlisa are some of the more
 popular joints for the middle eastern population and hit the right notes with them because of a wide menu range and big portions. Al Diwan is the choice for a special occasion as it scores on its ambience and a high end menu. An extremely popular Lebanese joint with a tantalising name is Chocolate Royale which is famous not only for its main courses but also for its desserts.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 7.16.45 PM                  Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 7.18.20 PM 2

Chocolate-One of the best patisserie’s in town.


Bangkok restaurant tops the chart with its ‘value for money’ appeal and a good range of dishes.

Apart from the above mentioned
joints serving popular speciality cuisines Lagos has a variety of eateries on its culinary map serving popular food.

Talindo Steak House is known to procure their steaks from all over the world and thus is famous for serving the best steak in the city. To be able to taste the finest of steaks, be prepared to loosen the pocket.

Browns café & Restaurant serves good quality food ranging from Singapore noodles to Classic American Burgers & Sandwiches.

When in Nigeria , one must taste the popular non-alcoholic drink Chapman which is a mix of orange, pepsi, black current juice and lime juice. A very common street food is a combination of plantains and peanuts more so because of its abundant availability and also because it fills up an empty stomach faster and cheaper!

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Capt Bala Capt Bala
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