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Senegal borders the Atlantic Ocean hence fish is very important. Chicken, lamb, pea, eggs, and beef are also used in Senegalese cooking, but not pork, due to the nation’s largely Muslim population. Peanuts, the primary crop of Senegal, as well as couscous, white rice, sweet potatoes, lentils, black-eyed peas and various vegetables, are also incorporated into many recipes. Meats and vegetables are typically stewed or marinated in herbs and spices, and then poured over rice or couscous or eaten with bread. Some of the popular eating joints in the city of Dakar – the capital, are as follows.


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Lagoon 1-  A view that makes the food more delectable.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 6.30.14 PM 2

Lagon1 situated in the Hotel Lagon at the East Corniche has one of the most panoramic views amongst all restaurants in Dakar. It has got a 4 out of 5 rating from tourists and is the 4th best restaurant to go to, while in Dakar (by the Trip Advisor). Its seafood and desserts are its must haves.

Add-Route de la Petite Corniche Est, Dakar BP 1186, Dakar BPPh-: +221 33 889 25 25


Located in the garden of French Institute: European + African food. A green oasis in the centre of the city – this is a hangout place for expats. A grab your food-and- go kind of a place, where you stop for a quick bite. It is total value for money and serves large portions. The staffs are friendly and efficient. The Trip advisor has given it a four star rating.

Add-89 Rue Joseph Gomis x Carnot, Dakar, Senegal

Ph-+221 33 823 03 20


Located at Georges Pompidou Avenue (the main avenue of Dakar) this restaurant serves French food. More of a takeaway and a patisserie, this place is great for a quick bite of breakfast or light meal or salad. Coffee too is good. Bit pricey but the quality is worth it.

16 Av Pompidou City Centre | 1 block West of Hotel Pl. Independance | 1 block West oPh-+22133 821 3340

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