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The Age of Technology

The Age of Technology

The Age of Technology
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The age of technology… for all its information and knowledge at one’s fingertips, this is actually making us strangers to each other. Family members are no longer giving each other undivided attention while friends are talking to other friends, even when they are together. We are in the cocoon generation where the thumb generation keeps clicking and typing and there are constant beeping messages interrupting our conversations.

I turned when I heard someone say ‘hello’.
Who could it be, I thought as I had come for a walk all alone….
Only to realise he was talking on his cell phone.
I know that the world has become smaller
Through the coming of the internet age,

Facebook and Twitter,
They have become the rage
Communicating electronically with everybody
We have become strangers to ourselves.
No time to talk to family.
What about the folks at home?
We need to learn communication
To achieve manifestation of our goal
In life,

Our soul has a role to play
Too much technology creates imbalance
Our emotional self will have to pay.
Progress in the material world
Should be linked to our spiritual self
These are just my thoughts,
It is time to reflect.

by Sarita Mathur (Poetess)

The Age of Technology
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (90% score)

About Sarita Mathur

Sarita Mathur
Sarita Mathur Sarita Mathur is a poet and artist residing in Durban. Her debut novel ”Once Again…Love’ with the subtitle “Reconnecting with the Heart” is to be published soon. Sarita loves nature, reading ,writing and art.

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  1. Beautiful Beautiful poem Sarita….awaiting to read the book you’ve just published and heartiest and heartiest of Congratulations for the new book being published :) Cheers and God Bless

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