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Ajanta Caves are situated in the centre of the state Maharashtra and the city of Aurangabad. The caves are located in the northeast region of the city Aurangabad. These caves are much older than the Ellora Caves. These are very ancient caves around the 2nd century BC to the 6th century AD and also in the list of the earliest ... Read More »



A short story that won the Nadine Gordimer award By Dr Deena Padayachee  The shebeen was full of raucous people having a great old time. But Satha noticed that his friend Muthu didn’t look too happy.  The old man had come into the shebeen a few minutes before and simply plopped down into a chair. He had taken his first drink ... Read More »

Get the New Year Resolution work for you


10 steps on how to make New Year Resolution for yourself that is guaranteed to succeed. So go ahead make a resolution and check us out. You have nothing to lose. 1) MAKING RIGHT GOALS: Look beyond the din & noise of today and look at yourself 5 years ahead. That helps identify what really matters to you in the ... Read More »

Full On Taste


As we are in the midst of the festive season, what better time to share some of our recipes with our readers. It is that time of the year when calories are not given much notice and we would all love to be in Nigellaʼs shoes! Its christmas season and making cakes and puddings is perfectly in order. Below are ... Read More »

Healing By Mudras

Palmistry and Yoga mudras

Healing by Mudras is an ancient practice with spiritual seekers in eastern cultures like India and China. The saints and yogis in the ancient times used Mudras to empower them spiritually, to maintain their mind and body balance and to be physically healthy. HEALING BY MUDRAS Mudras are about hand-body, hand-fingers positioning. The human hand and its five fingers are ... Read More »

Act Your Age

You’ll never be as young as you are today. Really? What about the ever-common phrases: “Age is just a number”? And “You’re only as old as you feel”? By Romina Nair Many would attribute these creations to a couple skeletons taking a swing at optimism or simply using it as an excuse to act like hooligans. And yes, that’s probably ... Read More »

Tribute to all you weirdo’s


A wise person once said, “A weirdo is someone who follows their heart. I’m definitely weird, ain’t nothing wrong with that.”By Natasha Nair In my 18 years of living, I have come across some real weirdo’s. Ones that abbreviate words so much so that I don’t understand what they are saying, for example ‘LSHTYTFOIYC’ which stands for ‘laughing so hard ... Read More »



2011 has been  a remarkable year for many a reasons, but primarily for the amazing role youth have played. Crowning a decade that saw Youth take centre stage in every facet of our lives, from Silicon Valley to the dusty streets of Tunisia.  Creating revolution in politics, technology, lifestyles, changing the world over and over again.  It’s as if the ... Read More »


The benefits of mediation is well known. Now Sahaja Yoga Meditation conducts free meditation program in large number of cities in South Africa   Sahaja Meditation is meant for everyone who desires to find his or her true self, which is full of peace, joy of life and love for others. It is not just a book or a set ... Read More »

Mamoo Interview

 Mahmoud Rajab (affectionately called as “Mamoo”), is the Managing Director of New National Assurance (South Africa’s first Black Assurance company), and has been associated with the company since its inception. However Mr Rajab’s is much more than that … Mr Rajab has been associated with the company since its inception. He has successfully led the company through its transformation from ... Read More »



Some days you find yourself alone and lonely especially when you are young. It takes courage to pen them into words as Yagna Vij has done so beautifully.. Alone, here I come Waiting for some contact…a contact…any contact  I wait, I cry…alone…my life…no life              Alone, here I am….            Friends ... Read More »



 Eshaan Vij writes candidly about peer pressure and the need to find acceptance… Definition 1:       “The act of being accepted or acceptable”   Acceptance is probably the most pressurizing aspect of a teenagers life. As a teenager our greatest fear is not being accepted into a society, most importantly by your peers and the opposite sex. We ... Read More »

Is The Internet Making Us Stupid ?


We asked the same question when calculators became popular. Now is internet making it even worse. Pragati Sharma explores.. Internet has become a very important part of our lives.                       Today infinite amount of information is conveyed to us by this one medium. Whatever we are looking for it is ... Read More »

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