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Man has been eternally debating the inter-relationship between Destiny and Freewill. Is man a helpless bystander to the events unfolding in his life and reacting to them in pre-ordained fashion, like a puppet on the string of destiny; or can he design his own destiny? It is an interesting and never ending debate. There is a famous quote of a ... Read More »



[powerpress url=""] Munshi Premchand is one of the greatest figure in Hindi/Urdu literature. Nidhee Datta reads out a thought provoking story ” Nasha” (Intoxication). Read More »



My mother kept fiddling with her mobile phone to unlock it until my four year old niece unlocked it and gave it to her. The look that the little one gave to her granny was worth clicking, as if saying “grow up”. This is probably a common experience for my generation i.e to see this disparity between the generation behind me and the ... Read More »

VICKY DONOR & designer babies


  We just finished watching the Hindi film VICKY DONOR. A well-made film about a sperm donor, that not just entertained but left me with a hypothetical question. Wouldn’t the parents of children conceived using donor sperm in the movie, now feel superior since their kids are bound to be healthier, smarter and with better looks than other kids who ... Read More »

Love Letter by Computer Programmer


Sweetheart, I`ve seen you yesterday while surfing on the local train platform and realized that you are the only site I was browsing for. For a long time I`ve been lonely; this has been the bug in my life and you can be a real debugger for me now. Read More »

Technology is not me!!!

Megha Lodha

By Megha Lodha While we do thank technology for making life easier with every passing day, there are some of us for whom these changes are too much too sudden. Durban – based Megha Lodha Kathariya, shares her views with those who might agree……. Read More »

Healing power of Mudra

S.P. Datta

Healing by Mudras is an ancient practice with spiritual seekers in eastern cultures like India and China. The saints and yogis in the ancient times used Mudras to empower them spiritually, to maintain their mind and body balance and to be physically healthy. Read More »

See thru Technologies

See thru

Have you ever had an embarrassing photo taken of you? Don’t you hate it when someone takes a snap of you when you aren’t looking? Well, if you think how difficult it is to avoid these moments, you have not seen anything yet. Read More »

The Age of Technology


The age of technology… for all its information and knowledge at one’s fingertips, this is actually making us strangers to each other. Family members are no longer giving each other undivided attention while friends are talking to other friends, even when they are together. We are in the cocoon generation where the thumb generation keeps clicking and typing and there ... Read More »

Are we becoming less?

21 st Century…. Are we becoming less by the day ? Our communication – Wireless Our dress – Topless Our telephone – Cordless Our cooking – Fireless Our youth – Jobless Our food – Fatless Our labour – Effortless Our conduct – Worthless Our relationship – Loveless Our attitude – Careless Our feelings – Heartless Our politics – Shameless Our education ... Read More »

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