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Foot Prints
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Ajanta Caves are situated in the centre of the state Maharashtra and the city of Aurangabad. The caves are located in the northeast region of the city Aurangabad. These caves are much older than the Ellora Caves. These are very ancient caves around the 2nd century BC to the 6th century AD and also in the list of the earliest monastic institutions to come up in the country.


These caves are also famous by the name of Buddhist caves of Ajanta. For some time the site was neglected and the focus shifted to Ellora. In spite of their age, the paintings in these caves are still ina fine state of preservation.  The Buddhist caves of Ajanta is a group of 30 caves that line up the step face of a horseshoe shaped rock gap with the Waghore River which is flowing  below to it. All of the caves are in sequence numbered from one to other. All of the oldest caves are in the mid of the group and flanked by the newer caves from both sides. During the peak season only 15 minutes are allowed to tourists to see one cave. In some caves they have to enter the by bare foot.

cave2      cave3

Here are the five caves of Chaitanyas while other 25 caves are of Viharas. It is also believed that the pilgrims for these paintings in caves were assorted with animal glue and vegetable gum which makes them to stick to the dry surface. Some of the caves are very much famous by their importance like Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave4, Cave6, Cave 7, Cave9, Cave 10, Cave 16, Cave 17, Cave 19, Cave 24, Cave 26, and Cave 27. These caves are described in many ways. These all caves are full of paintings everywhere except the floor. At various places the art work has become eroded due to decay and human interference. Therefore many areas of the painted walls, ceilings and pillars are fragmentary.



How To Reach

Aurangabad is well linked by the airways. The nearest airport to Ajanta is Aurangabad. There are numerous of daily cheap flights available to and from Aurangabad. Cheap air tickets can be purchased from any travel agent providing flight booking facility. Air ticket booking can also be done online. Here Jalgaon airport is also developing which is very much near to the Ajanta caves. By the rail journey, nearest railway station is Jalgaon. The visitor can check online status of availability of reservation on Indian railways official website.  There are many private or deluxe bus facilities available from Pune, Mumbai and other places also.

Where to Stay

Aurangabad is offering mind blowing accommodation facilities near the Ajanta also. Aurangabad is offering many of the hotels providing all the amenities with peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Online hotel booking facility is also widely available. Some of the hotels are Hotel Padmapani Park, MTDC Holiday Resort, MTDC Ajanta Tourist Complex and others too. These all of the hotels are providing tremendous facilities for all class of people. These hotels are nearby to Ajanta caves. After enjoying the beauty of caves the visitors can take rest in one of these hotels.


Foot Prints
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