Newsmagazine Vol 2 - November 2011


A place to showcase the flavour of the month.

DHARTI - MA : An article about Climate Change


planet“DHARTI – MA”, or “MOTHER EARTH” are words that our generation grew up with and got so used to that we seldom look back to wonder about the wisdom of our forefathers to akin earth to the closest person we have in our lives. Coined in an era where farmer’s livelihood depended on his crop and weather, when every day he felt just as vulnerable and as much at ease with nature as any small child did with his mother. Since then we took a few generations to create our concrete jungles and the current disconnect with mother and mother nature. Today, it’s not that we love our mothers any less than previous generations, it’s just that our own apartment in the concrete jungle has got too small to accommodate a mother to stay with us or a plant bigger than bonsai tree inside our homes. So mother's cease to be part of our daily lives and trees are more often seen on TV’s. Lives reduced to occasional token visits to our mother or nature reserves.  Reduced to the superficials....


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Home & Health

A place to share our experiences on all issues regarding home, health and life in Africa.

Medicine In Perspective


Dr_R.M_AbrahamDr Reina Ramesh shares her experience as a doctor in rural west africa that is both
enlightening and  entertaintaining..

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Mudra's refer to symbolic hand gestures or postures that provides amazing health benefits. Mr S. P. Dutta learnt about it himself after retirement and shares some of these simple , effective mudras for common ailments with us..

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Make your PC run as fast as new


We have all faced the problem of our computers  frustratingly slowing down

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We have all been on holidays that we would love to share. All those little details that are not give in the travel book but are important especially for us Indians.

Amazing Kwazulu Natal


madhwanThis month Siva takes us to Drakensburg (means "The Dragon Mountains " in Dutch). Siva provides an exhaustive details  of the best that Drakensburg has to offer..

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Business Files

Send us your perspective on any aspect of business that interests you. Articles and information that will help each other navigate the unique business conditions that face us in Africa.

Why deflation is worse than inflation


Wouldn't it be nice if prices of products actually fell instead of rising? For many of us in India who have been facing the brunt of galloping prices over the past several months, this would seem clearly welcome.  But much as we may like to pay less, a sustained decline in prices, deflation, may not be in our best interests. Here's why.

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Branding Africa


M D Ramesh forwarded an excellent study that analyzises the potential of changing global perception of Africa into something positive

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Understanding Islamic Banking


Islamic banking is a participative form of banking and is quite diffrent from conventional banking..

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Africa in the Global Crisis and Trade Dis-Order


MD Ramesh forwarded this insightful report on Africa in the Global Crisis and Trade Dis-Order

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Art & Literature

This is the creative corner – a place to display your latest work or discuss work of others.

Blind View


Nidhee_DattaThe half stitched garment lying in front of me gave me a promising look. I knew it could be
better if I put a little more attention to the detail.

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Mdantsane Protest by Dr Amitabh Mitra


mitraAn everyday protest action stimulates a brilliant painting and 4 lines of poetry ...

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saritaWhen was the last dwelt upon a rainbow ? Sarita Mathur does in her inimitable poetic style..

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A place to find interesting, unusual news that made headlines recently.

Millionaires group to lobby for higher taxes


Millionaires group lobbies  for higher taxes -- “on themselves”.  Strange but true ...

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India is to establish a new all-female police squad


India is to establish a new all-female police squad to close a legal loophole which has allowed women to drink and drive without fear of arrest  

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Send us whatever made you laugh the loudest last month. We Indians are known to have a great sense of humour – but we don’t seem to laugh enough. Let’s get together to change all that.



What can be more inspiring than works of charity undertaken by someone we know well.

Charity Begins At Home "collectively"


Social Work enthusiast Ms Neena Sood writes about her charity work that has been doing for last few years.. Read More

Saarthi – extend a hand by giving away your old cloths, toys etc


Ambika Vij and her family have started a wonderful initiative of collecting old clothes , toys etc for charity..

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Our Inaugural issue was the Tee Shot which met with a considerable success. The ball has landed on the freeway but it does not mean that Birdie or an Eagle is a certainty, even a Par will depend on the second and the following shots. Now we have to meet the challenge of keeping up the consistency.

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SAARTHI- Donate your old clothes , toys etc...click here




"We have a vision that is refreshingly CRISP

1. Connecting people: Connecting all Indians  with interest in Africa

2. Reading : Inculcating a culture of reading.

3. Improving lives : Provide useful information relating to work & home.

4. Synergy : Spread awareness of charity work by our members.

5. Platform: Provide a platform for your talents."


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